Monday, August 6, 2007

Probable early arrival of babies.......

My appointment was ehhh today. Both babies looked good on the monitor during the NST. My blood pressure, on the other hand, did not look good. Initial blood pressure was 164/90ish.not good. Blood pressure recheck was somewhat better at 154/76. Not good, but better. My OB thinks I have no tolerance to activity and my BP rises with any activity at all. Plus, I noticed blurry vision on my way to the appointment today, along with dull right upper quadrant discomfort. So……labs were drawn to check for any further evidence of pre-eclampsia. Lab results should be back tomorrow and they will call with anything concerning. I’m still spilling 1+ protein in my urine, and weight is up 2 pounds from last week.

So, the plan is……Thursday appointment with an ultrasound, NST and review with my OB. If the growth of the babies hasn’t improved much since the previous ultrasound about four weeks ago, most likely I will be scheduled for a C-section soon after. I’m thinking Fridaybut not sure how urgent things will be. I’ll be 34 weeks on Friday (even thought the ticker below states 32/6). We are still taking it day-by-day.

If I have any issues prior to my appt on Thursday, I’ll be giving the office a call. Both Chad and I are surprised I’m not in the hospital right nowbut glad to be home for the time being.

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