Monday, August 6, 2007

Late update.....

I meant to post on Friday after my OB appointment, but didn' here goes.

Both babies looked good during the non-stress test. Baby boy was being a stinker and moving all around during the monitoring. They both had accelerations and decelerations during the test, so are looking good.

My blood pressure, on the other hand, is not behaving. On my way out, I realized that it had not been checked yet, so I sat back was 148/84ish....not good. I get back into the recliner, on my left side and chill out in the darkened room for a bit. Recheck of my blood pressure is right at 140/80. I had increased protein in my urine, too......

My OB was currently at the hospital with a delivery, so in consulting with the OB in the office and my OB on the phone, they decide, rather to admit me, to send me home. (ok, I know that was a severe run-on sentence...oh well). I need to double my Procardia dose to 60mg daily. I'll take another dose when I get home, and take 60mg Saturday morning.

So glad to not have been admitted to the hospital, but have a feeling I may have to be today. Over the weekend, my blood pressure has at times been over 140/80, other times right at or just barely below 140/80. I would have hoped it would have decreased more than that with the double dose of medication.

No word on the results of my echocardiogram that I had Friday morning. I do know that the office was trying to get a stat read on Friday, just in case I was dealing with some fluid volume overload issues as I had been a few weeks ago. Luckily, my breathing is a-ok.

My OB was on call all weekend, and I was given instructions to call her with any issues. Luckily, I did not need to.

I need to pack a bag to leave in my van, just to be prepared. Both Chad and I think I'll be heading in to get my blood pressure under control. Not sure if a magnesium sulfate drip is the next step, or if there are other things that can be done prior to starting that......I'll update later today if I'm given the all clear to return home.

Each day is another day closer to 34 weeks. This is a good milestone where the oral-motor skills are most likely developed so eating should not be a problem. Our original goal was to make it to 36 weeks....but we are still taking things day-by-day......

I did not proof this please forgive me!

later, Jennie

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