Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tuesday OB appt.

I had another OB appointment yesterday. My blood pressure was initially elevated, but the recheck was a-ok, thankfully. My weight was up about a pound from Friday. Sure hope all this weight is going to fatten up the babies! Lord knows I don't need to gain anymore on my frame! It will be interesting to see what my weight is after I come home from the hospital and how much of the weight I gained was baby weight.

Both babies passed the non-stress tests. Baby girl was again difficult to track this time. They were both moving around quite a bit during the monitoring. Guess they liked the blueberries and creme frappaccino I enjoyed from Starbucks on the way to the was yummy!

Friday morning I have a repeat echocardiogram to ensure that my heart pressures have returned to normal. It will be reassuring to know the results. I feel 100% better than I had during the breathing episode that brought me into the we hope all is well.
After the echo, I head to the OB office for another non-stress test and appt with my doctor. Hope everyone is behaving and we can still aim for delivery around 36 weeks or so! It's hard to believe that is only three weeks away! Where has the time gone????? ARE WE READY???? I guess we won't know the answer to that until the babies arrive.....we'd like to think we are ready, but honestly, how can first time parents prepare for TWINS!!!

I'll update after my appointments on Friday, along with 33 week pictures!

later, Jennie

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Anonymous said...

Glad the appointment went so well, is the girl baby being difficult already,,, getting an attitude? It should be interesting to see what your post weight will be when they are born.
Love you, Mom