Wednesday, August 8, 2007

33 week, 5 day belly shot.

Well......I finally took a new picture......not sure how much I've grown, but the flowers sure make things seem a bit larger than they appear!

My sister, Laura, has agreed to update my blog when the babies make their appearance.

Hopefully she won't dredge up any embarassing photos to add to her posts.......that would not be very sisterly, would it?

Not much else new to report. My OB appointment is at 10am tomorrow (Thursday). Chad is picking me up, a hospital bag is packed along with a pillow, just in case we head in for a double baby birthday. Both Chad and I feel like the babies have grown......but it's so hard to tell! I definitely feel fuller, if that makes any sense.

By this time tomorrow, we'll know if our family is going to double soon or if we have a bit more time to grow babies!

Later, Jennie


Kristie said...

You look great Mama! Good luck at your appointment tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

You definitely are growing and you look great.
Love you, Mom

Sara said...

I think it would be JUST like a sister to post old embarrassing photos! ;0)

Good luck and Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

You look great Jennie. Hang in there. Hope your appointment goes well and everyone behaves!


Diana said...

Aww great belly shot - you still don't look huge tho! But that's a good thing for you anyway! Good luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

The flowers maybe bigger but you look wonderful....Kelly