Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guard Kitty

And companion. Julio has been keeping an eye on me, almost like he's going to tell on me if I don't behave.......I noticed him laying at the top of the steps, watching both me and the outside through the windows.

Once I snapped this picture, he needed to get a closer look at me.......goofy cat.

Right now, he's laying at my right side, occasionally meowing at me to remind me to pet him.

My doctor's appt was great yesterday. I actually only saw the nurse practitioner, as my OB was off for the day. The babies both behaved during the non-stress test. Believe it or not, baby girl was easy to get on the monitor, and baby boy was the difficult one! My weight was down 9 pounds, too. Now, before you judge, realize I had a ton of extra fluid weight gain. I think the last few appts I gained six pounds over one now that extra weight is gone! So far for the pregnancy, I'm up 22 to 24 pounds...not bad considering it's two babies and I'm fluffy to begin with. My blood pressure was good, 136/76, so the Procardia is working!

And, I'm happy to say I did NOT have a Procardia headache today, thankfully. For the past few days, I've been taking the Procardia with two Tylenol and heading back to sleep. Today I stayed up and NO HEADACHE! Yea.

Next OB appointment is on Friday for another non-stress test.

Later, Jennie

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Anonymous said...

Funny cat, he must give you a lot of companionship while you are so restricted with movement. Gives you "someone" to talk to. The stresstest will go fine tomorrow I'm sure. Take care.
Love Mom