Friday, July 27, 2007

the parasites are behaving......

not trying to be mean to the babies...but sometimes you just feel like a host to a couple of parasites. It's a good thing, though. I'm happy to be the vessel supplying nutrients and other essential goodies to the babies. It's the least I can do as a sacrifice of having two babies soon!

My OB appointment was great. My weight is up less than a pound from earlier this week. My blood pressure was 132/78 (yeah!). Both babies looked great during the non-stress test. Baby boy was again difficult to track at first, but finally behaved and settled down. Baby girl is getting easier to monitor and find! She did have the hiccups during most of the monitoring, though. It's such a funny sound on the speaker!

I found a new yummy drink to enjoy at Starbucks. I've cut out a majority of my caffeine intake since becoming pregnant, short of a rare frappaccino and chocolate...well, today I ordered a raspberry mocha creme frappaccino. It was heavenly! OK...yes, I'm on bed rest, with privileges to go to doctor appointments....and officially, Starbucks is on the road I take to get to the doctor. And I'm not getting out of my car and standing in that good enough justification?

I took 32 week belly pictures, too. I know I just took 31 week pictures a few days ago...but I'd like to stay on track! And, I tried to smile.....are you convinced?????

Any guesses on my waist measurement? An online scrapbook community that I frequent is having a cyber shower for me and the coordinator asked for my waist measurement for a game....any guesses???

My OB's office is going to schedule the echo for me sometime next week or the following week. Just to make sure there is no noted damage and my heart pressures have returned to normal. Hopefully if it's normal, I will be free and clear of any further cardiology issues. I'll keep you posted on when it will be.

I think I need to pack a hospital bag and have it ready to go at any moment. While my OB and I discussed that I could make it to 36 weeks, she also reminded me to take it day-by-day, which is exactly what we've been doing. Now, just to figure out what to, fun.

Ok. that's it for today.


Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog Jennie. You look great (even if you weren't really smiling)! You are soooo close to the end and you have done an absolutely fabulous job. Don't forget to call me if you need anything!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You don't have your bag packed??? You naughty girl, get it done now and that'll be the way to guarantee you don't go too early. It's good that the babies are behaving and the hiccups must have been hilarious. Hard day at work today so am going out for supper, not sure where or for what, just so I don't have to cook.
Love you, Mom

Laura'sCorner said...

I think I can help with the bag packing...Do you enjoy pink?

Keep the babies in as long as you can!!

Love you!

Brook said...

You look marvelous! Thank you for letting us go on this journey with you! You are doing so well!

Kat said...

I adore Starbucks too and I too have had a hard time cutting out the caffeine. My downfall is sweet tea so I try to limit myself to one a week. You can order any Starbucks drink decaffinated so you can feel less guilty and the raspberry frap is WONDREFUL! I hope everything continues to go well for you, you will probably have your babies before I have mine!