Sunday, April 29, 2007

Names according to Andrea, Ella and Anna.

I tell you, these girls are very creative. I hate to break their heart by not using these names.....but even Julio the Cat turns his nose up at them!

Andrea's choices: Geraldo and Hilde

Ella's choices: Slomo and Sloma, or is it SlowMo and SlowMa?

Anna's choices: Bud and Buddie.

I've also received some other very creative baby name suggestions. Please don't take offense if we do not use these names.......just yell one of these names out and feel how I feel if we were to use some of them. It has to sound good even when yelled!

Things are going well for us. I'm still tired...but expect it. Some work days are good, others are not so good. I will discuss work limitations with my doctor when I see her in just over a week. While I can still wear a pair of my pre-pregnancy baggy jeans, I can tell I'm changing shape. I can feel my uterine fundus right at my belly button. I can tell a difference in my stomach capacity and find myself full from eating sooner than before. I guess this is where small, frequent meals comes in handy, huh?

I've found some garage sale bargains. It's nice when you can find baby clothes that are gently worn with no stains for $1 or less a piece. Honestly, are my babies going to care? I regret not purchasing a crib at a garage sale. It was white, looked new and $50 with the mattress. I wouldn't want the mattress, but even with just the crib, that was a great deal. I'll have to keep my eyes out other bargains.

The weather has been beautiful! The windows are all open and the fresh air feels so good.

Chad's brother, Dennis, spent the night with us last night. He was in town for a rowing event and joined us for a nice visit. Hopefully next time he'll bring the rest of the family!

I'm sure you are dissapointed to not have a scary belly shot to view....I did take one a couple days ago, but honestly could not see a difference in belly size. I thought it would be best not to burn any more retinas....I do plan to add the pictures to my scrapbook so I can relive the wonderful days of the growing belly. Don't fret, I'll share more belly shots later......

Later, Jennie


Brook said...

I'm glad that you have had a nice relaxing weekend. Take it easy and relax! You'll be wearing those stretchy pants soo enough!

Anonymous said...

Good on the buys. I was thrift saleing on Saturday and picked up 10 outfits for Mag, "Carter, and OkieDokie", size ranges from 3 to 9 months none of them even looked worn and got them all for $5.00. Do you want me to watch for you too and if you do what are you interested in?
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Love the name, my suggestion is Jack and Jill. Like the freezer, Bob wanted to know if Chad is planning on going hunting. Love to you both Kelly

Anonymous said...

Aw, Jenn, shucks, no belly shot?? I am disappointed! As for baby name suggestions...well, coming from over here in Arkansas delta land..where I taught elem school for umpteen are a couple of classic twin names for ya. These two kids were the darkest little rolly polly black kids I think I ever saw. The girl was named Zenobia and the boy was Zabillion. How's that for a couple of dynomite twin names??
My hubby wanted to put his two cents worth in. I had a student once name "Imbreyo" he has always thought that a couple of swell names would be--Fetus and Embreyo. Or if you really wanted to get up to date names you could go with Propecia and Levitra!!