Saturday, April 21, 2007

Name suggestions......

So, my nieces Anna, Ella and Andrea are having their name suggestions for the babies videotaped for our entertainment. The first suggestion is pretty clever! I'll share the names when they are viewed by us.
Do you have any name suggestions? I'd love to hear them!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Jennie & Chad! How exciting!!!

About the names...have fun with it! And remember, they need to be easy to holler...because there WILL come a day when you need to yell at them using both their first and middle names!!! (and maybe their last too!).

We have friends with a Paysen and Gracen, and a MOMS Club acquaitance has a Michael and a Michelle.....way too close sounding for my tastes. I AM all about matching initials though!

Why not use your Arkansas nicknames?! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Please do not name them Buford and Matilda or however you spell that name......Love ya both Kelly

Laura'sCorner said...

Are you and Chad thinking of matching names...or are you going with individual names? Ed and I did not plan to have the girls names be so close; it just sortof happens.

I always thought I would choose names that were nothing alike so I would never call the wrong child...but I guess it doesn't matter. Do you remember how Mom would go through all of our names before getting the right one? lol Love you Mom! I think it's just a Mom lose some brain cells after having children.

Some of the names I love:


Lydia (not sure the spelling is correct)
Baby Tia Pink Easter Bunny (as long as Mag doesn't choose this; I am sure Tori won't mind)

Good luck!
Love you!

Kat said...

Well I agree with the not having names that are too close. My husband is one of eleven and they are all B's (well three aren't offically but they are called by a B name). We already had two boys names picked out so it is a good thing we are having a boy. Girls names are really hard for us to come up with. I know this is of no help to you with choosing the names but did you have any that you liked to being with?

Anonymous said...

Well,,, Dad watched the Rippley's suggestions and of course had to come up with a suggestion too. He suggests "Hickory" and "Dickory" the same as he named the birds we have from the girls. When I asked about "Doc" he figured you could call the doctor who delivers them that.
Love Mom

Brook said...

I think that you should have a J name and a C name. That way your family can have a nice little pattern going. I like the names that follow the rules of phonics and are easy for Kindergarteners to spell.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie, Dad just came up with another couple names for you and Chad to consider,,,,, Bonnie and Clyde, or how about Laurel and Hardy. I personally like the ones Laura suggested to you "Stanley and Stacy". Those sure bring back memories!!!
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

It is split on whether or not to name twins closely. I didn't even want my girls to have the same initial to avoid problems and identity issues. People have enough trouble telling them apart that I would feel bad if their names were close too! We did the same number of letters and that was it. Good luck! Emily