Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Half way there......

It's hard to believe I will be entering the twentieth week of pregnancy on Friday. Where did the time go???? Things are going well. I did enjoy some nice Braxton Hicks contractions starting around 1:30pm at work yesterday. I got home, took a nap on the couch and enjoyed some more fun at all. Oh...and I slept about 12 hours yesterday. Still tired......

I see my OB on Monday, so will see what she has to say about the progress.

We will have a level 2 ultrasound on May 11th. During this ultrasound, an detailed look of the major organs will be taken to ensure Buford and Matilda are growing as planned and without any problems. Chad is taking a half day off work that day, so will join me for the show. I'm expecting it to take 2 hours, depending on how the babies behave.

I'm tired, so very tired. You haven't heard that before, have you?

Not sure if I've mentioned it, but my husband deserves the husband and father-to-be award of the year. You would not believe how lucky I am to have him. When I apologize for not having energy to help him around the house, he tells me it's ok, I'm growing two babies and giving him children. How sweet is that?

Ok, someone is jumping on my bladder.....need to take care of that. I don't even know which one to blame!

later, Jennie

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Anonymous said...

Jennie I just want to come there and help you. I feel so sorry for you that you are so tired all the time but you are growing 2 babies in there. I guess I never thought of how tired a pregnant woman could be. Are you glad you do not have quints in there???? Imagine how tired those ladies get. I called last evening before 8pm your time and Chad said you were sleeping, I talked with him for a bit and wisely did not ask him to wake you!!!! Take care of Buford and Matilda, remember you are half way there. Love Mom