Tuesday, April 3, 2007

busting out......

Yesterday morning I wore a pair of jeans to work. I use a small hair band to give a little extra button room. When I changed out of my scrubs as the end of the day to put my jeans back on....I had a little trouble. Apparently the little peanuts expanded during the day! One pair of normal sized jeans out of the way....I can still wear a second pair of jeans, but probably not much longer! Looks like I'll be living the life of an elastic waist, stretchy pants growning baby mama!


Anonymous said...

Have you heard of a Bella Band? It's suppose to hide the fact that your pants are undone and help keep them up. A lot of people on my baby boards swear by them. It's something to think about, especially for when you want to wear a pair of jeans just a few more times!!

Later, Mag

Brook said...

Welcome to the world of the Mommy Pants! Isn't it fun to see that your babies are healthy and growing? I'm sorry that it is going to be too hot for you to resort to the stretchy sweat pants. (Or maybe I'm not!) Have fun and enjoy this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
I used as many as 3 ponies to hold my pants together to avoid the big pants. You'll even use this nice little trick even after you have the kids... Enjoy, Kathy ( your other lovely sister)

Laura'sCorner said...

Alright, this is the last lovely sister replying...I never heard of the pony trick. I only knew of the pepto pink sweet pants. Yes I meant to say sweet...haha! Jen, should I send them down?

Love you!