Saturday, March 31, 2007

15 week belly shot.

Well, I definately feel rounder and look pretty round in the picture. What do you think?
14 weeks

15 weeks.

Yikes! I can tell a difference........guess I need to keep up with the weekly belly shot. Even with the scary stretch marks!


Cricket said...

Look at you!! How cool to document your weeks...I wish I had thought of that when I was pg!


Anonymous said...

You've definitely grown GF. How fun this will be to watch you grow!


Sara said...

Yup - you're rounder! Just you wait... they'll start growing faster and faster and you'll need daily belly shots LOL!

Glad it's you and not me ;0)

Sharie said...

Those twins are definitely filling up space! Thanks for sharing the pix.

Anonymous said...

Definitely getting bigger, thanks for the shots and keep lotioning the stretch marks.
love Mom

kath said...

Yep, definitely poppin' out. : )