Friday, April 6, 2007

16 week belly shot.

I don't see much change this week....but thought I put my stretch marks out there for everyone to envy. Come on, admit it, you are so jealous of the stretch marks!
I actually had a dream last week that I had huge bruises on my lower belly and actually had a deep skin tear on the right side of my belly. Not a good dream at all!
I'm entered the emotional phase of pregnancy. I cried at Oprah this past Thursday, during American Idol, and was teary at work......not fun! I took a nice, warm bubble bath last night. That may become a regular occurence before bed. It felt so good!
Sending early Easter wishes to all my blog readers. Chad's brother, Rob, his wife and daughter are heading down for the weekend. They will be here later this afternoon. We'll have the big meal Saturday around 5pm, after the boys get in 18 holes of golf. Hopefully the weather will at least be in the 40's so they don't entirely freeze!
Later, Jennie


Sharie said...

Happy Easter weekend, Jennie! Pampering yourself is important. If you make it a habit, I think you'll be more likely to take the time for it after the twins arrive. Every morning (during both pregnancies) I rubbed my belly with shea butter cream from Bath & Body and talked to the baby while I did it. I still had stretch marks, but I like to think it helped!

Brook said...

I think that I can see a little difference. I remember the dreams! They can be crazy. You just take care of yourself!