Tuesday, March 6, 2007

High Risk?

I signed up with a case manager with my insurance company. She will follow up with me at least monthly and act as a liason between the insurance company and my OB. Well, today she called for the third time in three work days while I was at work. She notified me that she was closing my file since she was not able to get in touch with me....hello, I work full-time. Is this that odd of a concept? Luckily, she reopened my case and took note of my work hours so she can call me toward the end of her work day.

Her second joyful news was that she expected me to be taken off work duty soon.....like in the next week or so. Apparently, she considers me high risk because I am carrying twins and used fertility drugs to conceive. Of course, this is something I'll need to clarify with my OB tomorrow.....As for being taking off work duty.....work has been kicking my butt lately. The past three days of work have been non-stop and very busy days. I KNOW that I won't be able to continue at this pace for much longer.......luckily, I took out short term disability insurance that would kick in 14 days after disability sets in. Hopefully things would work out if I were to stop working due to pregnancy issues, I will be able to use the STD benefits......

I'm regained a slight amount of energy...enough that allowed me to make a semi-homemade meal tonight for supper. It was nice to eat a decent meal that was quick and easy. We are going to be enjoying more of those soon.

Ok, enough excitement from me. I've been heading to bed by 8pm or so lately....the extra wind down time at night has been wonderful! I'm such an exciting person.......

Later, Jennie

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Anonymous said...

Your case manager sounds like a real cutie, does she expect you to not work at all and where will the income come from if you don't? I could use some ideas for good tasting home made meals at this time, I have been sooo tired lately, your dad and I live such an exciting life.

I'm glad your energy level has increased, I think you may have taken mine, I cannot believe how tired I have been lately.
Take care of yourself and my grandbabies.
Love you, Mom