Wednesday, March 7, 2007

dry heaves......

Is it monumental when you have your first dry heave that sends you to the toilet in dread of your first morning sickness drool into the toilet? For some reason, morning teeth brushing still gives me a problem. This morning threw me over the edge......of the toilet. The OB nurse recommended using mouthwash prior to brushing my teeth....I'll give it a try tomorrow morning (since only my morning brushing bothers me).
OB appointment report:
Weight down 2 pounds.
One baby moving around, flapping arms and legs. Other baby pretty calm. Hearts puttering along. Huge heads in comparison to the rest of their peanut body.
Cervix length 5cm. Hopefully it remains around that length.
Next appointment, 2 weeks.
Looking forward to entering the second trimester soon. I'm still enjoying the small burst of extra energy. It's not profound, yet enough to not drive me to crawl into bed by 8pm. I even made a good, home cooked meal for the second night in a row. Mom's homemade reuben sandwiches! You just can't beat my mom's wonderful recipe.'s 8:30. I'm going to head up to bed during a commercial break from American Idol. I'm not a huge fan of the show...but what can a family do when their normal programming (Bones) is interrupted!
Later, Jennie


Kat said...

I will have to try the mouthwash thing too seeing as though teeth burshing is still a problem for me. I love, love, love Bones! But I am also a huge American Idol fan.

Chris said...

When are you due? I have 2 1/2 year old boy girl twins.