Wednesday, February 14, 2007

There's a fundus among us.....

Did you get a love gift today? Did someone buy you overpriced flowers? Did you get a singing telegram at work professing deep and undying love? Well, I think I may just trump anything you may have received......My belly popped......I'm definately showing. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a curvy girl....but I can definatley tell. How can that be possible at 8 weeks? Unbelievable. And in all honestly, it occured sometime during work today. Nothing like a back ache to pick you up in the middle of the day!

What is your fundus telling you today?

Later, Jennie

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Laura'sCorner said...

OMgosh Jennie! You are too funny. Congratulations on your fundus! I am not sure what is worse...beginning to show at 8 weeks or having 32 more weeks of growth! ;-) The girls and I should work on some belly balm this weekend. Hopefully it will minimize the dreaded stretch marks!

Love you!