Friday, February 23, 2007

first OB appointment.

Thursday was our first appointment. Exam, quick ultrasound and lots of blood drawn for labs. Fun times. But, during the ultrasound, we did see the hearts puttering along and one baby was moving around like crazy! It was neat to see.
I'll be having ultrasounds every two weeks to check the growth of our babies and length of my cervix. If the length shortens, bed rest and/or cerclage are probably on the fun at all.
I planned to do the nursery in sage green and chocolate brown....but am having a difficult time finding decent sage colored fabric. Next step is to look at flat sheets and see if there is anything I'd like to make things for the nursery.
My goal is go have everything ready to go by the start of the third trimester, which is early June. Lots of stuff to de before then!
I'm still tired......but a little less today. I'll be ten weeks Monday, slowly inching toward the start of the second trimester. I'm nauseated at times, but relying on Tums less and less. The worst new symptom is gagging while brushing my teeth. It started on Wednesday. Proceded to get work and I almost lost my cookies while brushing my teeth this morning! Not fun at all.....
Ok, bed is calling my name....
Later, Jennie

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Kat said...

I have the same problem while brushing my teeth. Congrats on the twins!