Sunday, February 11, 2007

From the beginning.

I thought it would only be fair to share the story leading up the receiving the joyous news we are expecting twins! I'm starting in June. It's a long post......

June 22, 2006.
Trip to Wisconsin for April's wedding. April is Chad's niece. I forget to pack my prescription drugs, which includes my birth control. Yikes...we are going to be gone until June 26th.

October 26, 2006.
Sometime between June 22 and today, we decided to throw birth control out the window and give baby making a try. Today, I saw the OB for a preconception appointment. We discussed history and issues with my cycle. I was diagnosed with PCOS, at no shock to me. I've suspected for quite some time. Luckily, it is PCOS without insulin resistance. My OB has decided to start me on Provera (to force a period) and Clomid. I clearly remember asking what the incidence of multiples is with the use of Clomid. She states the risk was low, 5% or so. (Really?!)

October 30, 2006.
Start Provera. Take for next 7 days and wait.

November 13, 2006.
Provera was successful. Cycle day one.

November 17 to 21, 2006.
Cycle Day 5-9. Take Clomid.

November 29th, 2006.
Lutenizing hormone surge noted while using ovulation predictor test strips. Started checking for LH surge on cycle day 10.

December 14, 2006.
No luck this month. Cycle started. But, no need to use Provera!

December 16-20, 2006.
Take Clomid cycle days 3-7.

I do not remember a obvious LH surge until after there is no change in the predictor strip....pretty sure I missed our window.

January 9, 2007.
Scheduled for right carpal tunnel release surgery. I took a home pregnancy test that morning prior to surgery. Negative. Surgery goes well. No more pain and numbness!

January 12, 2007.
Something doesn't feel right.......after Chad leaves for work, take home pregnancy test. IT'S positive! Luckily I've weaned myself down to just acetaminophen for pain relief. I'm still off work from my surgery, so there is lots of time to let things sink in! I call Chad at work.....I hated breaking the news to him while he was at work, but couldn't contain it in anymore!

January 24, 2006.
Prenatal visit with OB nurse. Received pregnancy info book, reviewed personal and family history, and gave a urine sample. That's it until the first ultrasound and appointment with the OB. Due date is estimated for September 21, 2007.

February 8, 2007.
First ultrasound. Since I'm so early, it will be a transvaginal ultrasound. I'm right around 8 weeks. The technicial estimated me at 7 weeks, 3 days. She also congratulates us and tells us we are having twins! My response is "NO WAY!". I look over at Chad, apologize (not sure why) and he has the look of udder shock........We even heard the heart beats of each. Baby A has a heart rate of 162. Baby B has a heart rate of 158. They are two separate peanuts, so fraternal at this point! This is actually the second set of twins found today by ultrasound. We leave the office, with pictures of our babies and congratulation wishes from the office staff! As we drive out, Chad and I stop next to each other at the hospital exit. He holds up two fingers.......we are in awe. I head over to Barnes and Noble. I'm looking for a book. You know, Holy Crap, I'm Having Twins. Apparently it's not been published, yet. I check out a few books but am still in partial denial, so leave empty handed. I've attempted to contact my parents without luck. I try to contact my sister at work, she's on the phone. No luck........I head over to Target. I wonder the store, still in a daze. I try calling my sister again. She's in. I share the news. She does not believe why would I lie about this???? She's offered to visit after the babies arrive to help with baby duty. I won't forget the offer. As I'm walking through the baby supplies department, my mom calls back. I tell her I'm looking for a book. You know the one. As I tell her, she responds with joy as she tells my dad! I finish up my shopping, purchasing supplies to make a celebration meal with Chad tonight.

February 9, 2007.
I share the news we are expecting twins at work, along with ultrasound pictures. Responses range from congratulations to laughter (or was it pity).......
I've had nausea almost constantly since finding out we are having it psychological? Maybe.

Ok, back to present......


Anonymous said...

Jennie - love that you shared your history - you have your manuscript for that book in the making right here!

Enjoy the wonder and reach for the saltines, gingerale and raspberry tea.

Hugs from Shari

Brook said...

What a wonderful story! It is so great that you are recording the story while everything is fresh in your mind before you become overwhelmed and everything is a blur. LOL!

Love ya!

Hollye said...

I am so excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Jennie -- this will be so cool for your kiddos to read later...


Sue S

Anonymous said...

How fun to follow along! This will be one awesome blog for your kids to read! So happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

So glad we get to come along and share your journey with you! And, lol, I think YOU need to write this book. ; )