Saturday, February 24, 2007


I haven't had any food cravings yet.....but plenty of aversions.

sugar. I used to crave sugary it is so unappetizing and actually makes me nauseated when I eat anything sugary. This actually isn't a bad thing.......I prefer salty snacks over sugar any day. Actually, dry breakfast cereal has become my friend.

brushing my tongue. It's no fun trying to brush your teeth, and when the brush touches your tongue, you started on Wednesday. Since then, I've avoided my tongue....hope this doesn't last long.

coffee. Not sure if it's the acid, but I haven't enjoyed coffee for quite some time now. I miss coffee in the morning during the weekend while reading the paper. Now Chad enjoys his coffee while I enjoy orange juice with added calcium. No more visits to Starbucks, either.

Not sure if it's all the smells....but nausea usually kicks in while I'm grocery shopping. It makes the shopping experience so enjoyable...........

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Anonymous said...

At least the sugar is an aversion now instead of a craving. It's too bad about the aversion to coffee, that is such a nice comforting drink. I assume you don't have any edema or high blood pressure so the salt is OK. Love you, Mom