Sunday, February 25, 2007

another aversion......

Those who know me know I LOVE to shop. I enjoy the thrill of bargain hunting as much as my husband just enjoyed (ok, maybe not the end score) the Wisconsin vs. Ohio basketball game. For some reason unknow to me, I have lost my desire to shop. If I do go shopping, I try my best to get in and out of the store as fast as possible.........please tell me my desire to shop will return at some point in the future! Needless to say, Chad is very happy with the latest credit card bill.......
Ok, I'm heading upstairs to start 2 albums for the baby ultrasound album. Since I'm going to have ultrasounds every two weeks, I need some way to keep track of the little peanuts! Speaking of little peanuts, they should be about 2 inches long each by now!
Later, Jennie


Anonymous said...

Jennie,I cannot imagine you not shopping, why you are the queen of the good deal. Here I was figuring that you should shop now because later taking 2 sweet little ones in and out of the car, loading them into a double stroller and then not being able to push a cart so having less room to place your selected purchases in,,,, well you get the idea. Of course you really should shop now because I'm sure the weather (hot and humid) this summer and your increased fetal load will make shopping not any more enticing. This could be the start of something different, babies are expensive but if you no longer like to shop maybe they can be considered a saving method... hmmmm what do you think?
Love you, Mom

Laura'sCorner said...

Jennie, I think Andrea has picked up your desire to shop for good deals. She will shop whenever she can. She also purchases things she really does not need...but they are good deals!

Maybe you need to work out something on placing the funds you are not spending now to use later. I could come down to help you... :-)

BTW, does anyone need or want a Gold Ball Monogram Stamper?

Anonymous said...

I claim NO knowledge of where andrea could have found a Gold Ball Monogram Stamper! It may have been a very good deal at $1.99!! I don't know who could have pointed it out to her, ok, took it off the shelf and handed it to her!

It can always be the 1st thing in the white elephant box! HeeHee


Anonymous said...

What the heck is a "gold ball monogram stamper"???


Laura'sCorner said...

Golf...Golf...I swear I corrected that typo.

Sara said...

Your desire to shop WILL return... but you'll push it down because for the next 20 years you'll have someone(s) else wanting to come along and either beg, scream and cry for any and everything OR just want to take your money and shop for themselves.

Reading past posts - get a kids sized toothbrush. The smaller head won't get in the way of that tongue as much - and a tongue scraper will be more effective and less gaggy too. There's a brand I particulary like/recommend, but I can't recall it right now... 3 pregnancies later my brain is still fried :0)

kath said...

So true, Sara...sad, but so true. : )

Are you going to post your US pages, Jennie?

Take care