Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy November!

So sorry to have neglected my blog. I need to make an effort to update at least once a week!
Here are some photos of life the past 2 months:
First day of preschool. Chloe-super excited. Connor, no so excited.

Painting pumpkins!

waiting for the local high school homecoming parade to start.

I broke my right big toe. trying to kick a soft ball. I missed!

playing at a local orchard.

1st time riding horses. Chloe LOVED it. Connor had a poopy lip the entire ride :-)

"driving" their "fire truck". Don't all firefighters wear hats w/ diapers?

riding our trikes on the sidewalk. back and forth, back and forth.

preschool halloween party! They were  a tad excited that daddy showed up. Look at Chloe's face!

Chloe as Woody the Cowboy {yee-haw}

Connor as a race car...vvvvrrrrroooooommm!

getting ready to carve pumpkins.

ready to trick or treat!

see how fast Chloe is running.....

The loot, from the 15 or so houses near us.

the pumpkins were a big hit with trick or treaters.

at the local children's museum with our friends.

chloe designed this all by herself!

connor's magnet design (a house!) Like the bandaid? Boo boo from dear, sweet, angry Chloe.

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