Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy September.

Chloe & Connor started preschool today. Somehow, the alarm never went off at 7:30. Chad wakes me at 8am, school starts at 8:15. Nothing like mad rush to get off to the first day of school! Chloe was THRILLED to go and knew just where to put her back pack and sat right down to write her name. Connor did not want to be there, clung to our legs and was crying as we left. Poor guy would  much rather be a homebody!

Here are some photos from activies we've enjoyed in the last month or so.

Chloe playing goalie at a soccer class.
Connor watching soccer class from the bench.
At Badger Fan day.
Enjoying dinocakes from N&B party.
The gut wants to eat with a BIG spoon.
Helping daddy open birthday presents.
playing pinball w/ daddy.
Chloe in a telephone booth at the museum.
Orangutan BIG, Chloe SMALL.
Connor, Chloe, Nali, & Bina.
Mama Kangaroo & Joey's Chloe & Connor.
Chloe at Cousin Justin's football game.
Connor at Justin's football game.

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Kristie said...

Great pictures! Love the one of C&C in the kangaroo pouch!