Wednesday, August 26, 2009

separation of toys.

Has there always been a severe line of separation between boy and girl toys? Or is my newfound appreciation of Redefining Girly helping me to see the obvious that has always been present?

I shopped at a local Toys 'R Us last week. I was searching for a toy or book, as both Chloe and Connor had birthday coupons. They were good coupons, too. $3 off a $3 purchase! I looked at the books. I looked through the wooden toys and puzzles. I searched for the play food. Not sure if I walked right by it or if I was blinded by the pink and sparkly displays...but I headed up to the counter to ask where it was located. The store employee told me it was on the girl side of the store. What? They refer to the store as girl and boy sides of the store?

So I guess I will not allow my son to play with toys or my daughter to play with trucks. No more wearing Princess shoes, Connor. Chloe, stay out of the dirt.

Maybe I'm more sensitive to it because I'm raising boy and girl twins. I am not pushing Chloe to play with dolls, nor am I stopping Connor to play with them. Connor has actually taken more of an interest in dolls than Chloe has.

Am I being too sensitive? Not sure I'll ever know that answer. I do know that I'm not the only parent who notices the severe and obvious line drawn between traditional boy and girl toys.

I also realize there is no right or wrong way to parent. Your parenting style may not be right me, but it works for you. And that is OK.

What am I not OK with? Spending my free money at a store that supports the girl/boy line of toy separation. Childhood is a time to explore, play and enjoy life. If that means that Connor will play with dolls and dress up in a princess dress, so be it. Chloe is more than welcome to wear a tool belt and carry a hammer everywhere.

What did I do? I walked out of the store, coupons still in my purse.

Wonder if Melissa will take my coupons?


Melissa Wardy said...

Melissa at Pigtail Pals will happily take your coupons. We couldn't agree more that childhood is a time for children to be, um, what's the word? C-h-i-l-d-r-e-n. Primary colors, dress up, kites, crayons, cars and trucks, dolls and toy food...all mixed into one big toy box.

Thanks for taking notice of the gender-stereotypes being sold to our children, our babies. Thank you more for giving voice to your observations, which lends to only further the movement to redefine for all children a childhood free of stereotypes and limitation.

Anonymous said...

hear hear, good for you Jennie, nothing wrong with exploring all avenues. doesn't make for leading your children in unconventional directions but sure does allow them to enjoy all aspects of life. love mom

deb said...

I couldn't agree more! My son has been playing with Bella's dolls. So what?! And the girl stuff is a little too grown up.

Mariangeles M said...

I totally agree with you!!!

I don't like the pink/blue stuff at all :S I'm planning on using just bold primary/secondary colors in the room for my future children.

I'm a "girl" and love Legos and trucks!! hehehe

BTW, your twins look gorgeous, TFS!!

rachel whetzel said...

I used to work at a Preschool, and shop for a LOT of our toys at It's got toys for THE CLASSROOM... so they are usually gender neutral. Handy tip when you're sick of pink vs. blue. My middle son LOVES pink. It was tough to find a backpack for school that had pink, but didn't scream girl.