Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is it odd?

That I follow up with photographers that documented C&C's early days? I remember touching base at one year, and again tonight with Elaine and Nicole.

Nicole took photos while C&C were in NICU. They are the only photos we had taken, other than the ones we took, while in the hospital. Not exactly sure why the typical newborn mug shot was missed, as they always look like their first prison entrance photo. I made a photo book for both C&C with the photos that Nicole took. She released the CD to me. Simply amazing. She volunteers for a great organization, ACPCG.

I met Elaine early in my pregnancy. I was at Archiver's working on birth announcements. Elaine was scrapping with a group of friends. She was starting her photography business and wanted to add some twin portrait photos to her portfolio. She took photos soon after returning home from the NICU and again around 9 months old. The photos she took are on our living room wall and one each in C&C's room. I wish I could have bought one of every photo she took.

Odd? Maybe. I know in Nicole's case, she often takes photos of severely ill infants, many who do not survive their NICU stay. I hope a healthy report a year or two after a session brightens her day a bit.


nicole green said...

i'm SO glad you keep me updated on the kiddies. it's so wonderful knowing they are healthy and obviously happy! :) i have your blog on my google reader and i love reading all the updates. they are (still) SO adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Jennie that is so nice of you to keep Nicole in your life and double nice that Nicole appreciates this. She did such wonderful pictures of the kids. love mom