Sunday, December 14, 2008

Walking, walking, walking.

I knew this day would come, just not sure when it would happen. I was not sure who would walk first and if they would walk on the same day. Wonder no more! Connor and Chloe have both taken transition steps over the past few weeks, just not enough to say they were walking. I guess those were their first steps (note to self, add notes in date book for scrapbook pages). Well, this morning, Connor and Chloe were in the basement with Chad. I'm organizing coupons upstairs, getting ready to head out grocery shopping. Chad yells up at me. I head downstairs and see Connor taking steps! While I was out, Chloe got her competitive/stubborn streak and took off walking behind Connor! I was lucky enough to get pictures and video of the two of them walking before bed tonight.

Connor has been CRANKY lately, which is so unlike him. Chloe has been HAPPY lately, which is so unlike her. Now we know why!

I'm trying to get ready for Christmas. The tree is still in a box in the garage, along with the stockings and other Christmas decorations. My goal for this week is to get the tree out of the garage and into the house, decorated. I'm not planning to do full decorating this year, as I'm not sure how much help rearranging everything we'll have from two little people......

Today I made two batches of Starbucks liqueur fudge (one with, one without nuts), two batches of caramel (one plain, one with added pecans for turtles) and added another bag of coconut for the almond joy and mounds bars. My plan was to cut back in the amount of Christmas goodies I made this year....seems I doubled the almond joy/mounds amount and made a double batch of peanut butter cookie dough for the peanut butter, I've made it easier, yet still have lots to do. Fortunately, once I get to the point of dipping in chocolate, things tend to be easier. More tedious, but easier, if that makes sense.

I'm trying to upload photos...but my laptop is not recognizing the memory card from my camera. I'll try to upload a collection of photos from the desktop computer this week.

later, Jennie


Anonymous said...

this is so exciting for you guys, can't wait to see the video. you are really doing a lot of christmas candies/baking. don't know what I'll do and not sure what to do about a tree what with Mort, I can see him trashing the tree so don't know what to do. love mom

Dianna said...

Yay for walking!!!!

Anonymous said...

And the race is on. love Dad

Seeing Double said...

Congrats, this is so exciting! I can't wait to see pictures and videos of them walking! Awesome you got it on camera. Our boys still stop what they are doing and usually go stoned faced when I get out the camera or video camera.