Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Have people lost every sense of right and wrong.

If you were hauling a load of crap in the back of your truck and something fell off, wouldn't you turn around to pick it up? And, once you turned around and you saw that someone hit your piece of shit that fell off your truck, wouldn't you make sure everything was OK and leave your info?

Nope, not if it happens to us. Chad was on his way home from work and is unable to avoid a chair that fell off someone's vehicle. The offender turned around, stopped. Someone actually got out of their vehicle, crossed the road toward Chad. Chad was on the phone with the police, so he tried to talk to both at the same time. Chad asked the person who stopped if it was their stuff (why the hell else would they stop? They had a truck full of stuff, too). They said no, not their stuff and proceeded to get the hell out of there. So, his car is messed up, he's waiting for the cops and pissed off.

Well, there you go. Let's hope the rest of the night is half way decent and he can at least drive home without too much damage to his car.

And to the two women in their white Ford F-150 driving on highway 138 outside of Stoughton, Wisconsin.....get a conscious. Do the right thing. Karma bites hard.

ok, enough bitching.


Brook said...

Karma does bite hard....but God will take care of it. I wish Chad could have gotten the plates. I'm so sorry. Now that you have vented I hope you can see how lucky you are that Chad is okay and all four of you are safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

'm guessing Chad didn't get their licence plate number? That really sucks & I hope Santa gives them a great big stocking full of Karma!


rockcreekcreations said...

So Jennie....When you hit an animal on the road, you can keep it if you want. Is Chad going to keep his "road kill"!?!