Wednesday, December 3, 2008

15 month stats.

Ok...these are a bit late, but here they are! C&C had their 15 month appointment November 17th. We met their new pediatrician and he, along with the staff, seem nice. Hopefully we will only need to make regular, well child visits. I can at least hope!

Here are Chloe's stats:
22 lb 5 ounces, 42%
30inches tall, 36%

23 lb 12 oz, 39%
31.5 inches tall, 63%

The office gave us a great hand out for each, which includes development info and medication dosages. Now I just need to keep it handy when I need to give medication.

I've started buying Christmas presents....I even have two wrapped. Ok, they were wrapped for me as I left Barnes and Noble. It was free, I couldn't resist!

I'll try to share photos soon.



Anonymous said...

I thought the twins were really doing well. it's hard to believe Chloe is only 36% for height, she sure seemed tall today when I got to see her and Connor seems heavy enough.... oh well, the do appear very healthy and happy. love mom

Dianna said...

They sure are growing...amazing how time flies huh? I bet 15 months ago it would seem like forever till this point.

Seeing Double said...

I'm glad things are going well. Chole and Connor sound like they are doing great and growing just right. :)

I hope you continue to enjoy your new house and enjoy being closer to family...I'm sure that will help the holidays be even more merry.

Happy Holidays!