Saturday, February 2, 2008

Connor and Chloe at five months.

Photos from an at home photo session. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jennie, you made my day. It's so funny to see Connor trying to gnaw on Chloe's arm. I love it
love Mom

Suz said...

Is Connor hungry? They're so cute Jennie! Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

I see that they have the same protective shield for their rock
hard abs as Grampa has.
Love Grampa M.

Ramie :-) said...

SOOOOO cute! Was Connor hungry?! Or just mad that Chloe is a little bigger then him? (or maybe just appears that way). They are TOO cute!

Thanks for sharing!

Kristie said...

Fun pics! Too funny watching Connor gnawing on Chloe. They will LOVE those when they are older lol

Kath W said...

So cute! Poor Chloe...hope she didn't mind getting nuzzled on, lol!