Thursday, January 31, 2008

bad blogger......

Life has been a bit busy. Taking care of two almost six month old babies keeps mommy on her toes. But...the biggest reason I've not been keeping up with my blog posts is because my laptop is sick and I've not had time to fully figure out what the issue is. I'm hoping the operating system is not failing. I may have to try running the recovery disks and start fresh, but I'd hate to lose everything on the hard drive...luckily I've backed up most of my pictures and what I haven't backed up should still be on my camera memory cards. I'll try to download pictures to our desktop computer this weekend and share pictures. I've been informed by a family member that the babies may not be recognizable. I can guarantee the C&C still resemble their smaller selves!

later, Jennie

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie, I keep checking and will continue to do so, I know you will post words and pics when you can. Can't wait to see the next update of my grandbaby cuties. Of course I only have to wait 5 weeks to see for myself how big and advanced they will be.
Love you Mom