Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two Months Old!

I can hardly believe C&C are two months old. Some days it seems like they are much older, other days it seems like they were just delivered!

The smiles have started! And not just any smile, the whole face smile that lights up their little cherubic eyes! It totally melts my heart, too.

Connor is slowly figuring out this thumb sucking business. He has figured out to keep his fingers tucked, but still looks a little uncoordinated. Chloe is just starting to suck on her hand and has yet to find her thumb.

Who knew jowls could be so cute? I think if anyone can make jowls look good, it has to be a chubby baby. And just look at the Budda belly? They look proud, don't they?

Connor set a night sleep record last night. He went six hours between feeds! But, for me, it didn't feel like it. Chloe was up about every 3 hours for her feedings. Someday they will both get it at the same time! They are both eating more at feedings, therefore extending the time between feedings. It's nice to have (usually) a good three hours between feedings to pump milk, do housework or relax!

We did a photo session at home Monday for two month pictures. Blogger is not letting me upload photos, so I will make a new post when the issue is resolved. Surprisingly, they both cooperated, for the most part! I just used a brown fabric back drop that I draped on one of our couches. There is a window in the room which kept their attention pretty well!

We do not have a doctor appointment until October 25th, so I'm not sure of their weights. I'm guessing each baby is over ten pounds.....maybe more. I need to get on the scale with/without them for a rough estimate.

Next weekend, we are starting a trip to visit family. Our first stop will be Chad's brother on Friday. His nephew plays college football, so Chad wants to check out a game on Saturday. I doubt the babies would appreciate football yet, so we will stay back while they are out.

Sunday, we'll stop by another brother of Chad's on our way to visit my family. Hopefully they are home when we are heading through town. Sunday night, we will celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary. Their anniversary was actually in August, but I was a bit busy....actually, I was still in the hospital. My parents met the babies for the first time on their anniversary, though it completely slipped my mind at the time. I realized it after they returned home.......guess my mind was full of other stuff. The babies will be able to visit their great-grandmother (my mom's mother) on Monday. We will take some four generation photos, too! Monday afternoon, we will head over to visit Chad's family. At some point, we'll take pictures with another great-grandmother (his mom's mom). It will be a busy trip, but it will be nice to get it in before the start of cold and flu season. I predict that we will be spending lots of time at home during the winter, as I'm not going to be taking the babies out unless it's for a doctor appointment. We can't risk them getting sick their first winter!

Ok....that's about it for now. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I took many more, but shared the best here!

later, Jennie

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