Saturday, October 6, 2007

spinning my wheels.

some days, you tread water....yesterday was like that for me. The babies were good, just needy. Connor fed every one to two hours. That in itself is enough to slow things down! I think he's going through another growth spurt. He's not so bad today, thankfully. I noticed that both Connor and Chloe are starting to smile more. I notice Chloe's big, gummy and toothless smile as I place a bib under her chin before a feeding. Melts my heart!

The pile of outgrown clothes is slowly growing. It's amazing. They are still wearing some newborn size clothes, but are wearing some three month clothes. I think women's clothing manufacturers also size infant clothes.....

Laughing in the face of efficiency....yep.....I tried to cut out a step during a feeding earlier this week. I nursed Connor for 50 minutes. Pretty good, huh? I was thinking he'd be set for at least an hour, maybe more....well, within thirty minutes the little stinker was screaming hungry! I guess trying to cut out the middle machine (breast pump) was not working for him. So, I continue to pump breast milk, providing about half, maybe more, of their feeds. The bottle feeding continues.....actually, we have a routine, and it was working well. That's what I get for trying to change things! ;-)

Sharing a picture of what is sometimes our brain. We keep track of feeding times, vitamins and diaper changes. This is great for keeping track of daily feeding amounts, times and total feeding amount each day. It's nice to see some longer times between feedings, too. I tell you, the three or more hours of sleep (usually Chloe) has during the night is heavenly!

Not sure how well you can see this...but I took this picture of the impression of Connor's hand. He had fallen asleep on my chest and left the imprint of a few fingers. Why does it feel so good to have a sleeping baby on your chest?



Ramie Ahlstrom said...

So sweet! Love the "brain"....he he he! And the "handprint" is too sweet....sleeping babies are so nice, especially on you....wish mine would go back to sleep! (Aiden was up at 6:15am....too early for me today).

Anonymous said...

thanks for updating us, love the picture of you with both of them. looks like Chloe was just resting on you and Connor was almost done with ANOTHER bottle, but you do look happy with your lot-in-life, am I not right??? Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

forgot to say, the handprint is really special.
love Mom

Laura'sCorner said...

Sweet! Jennie, I miss the girls sleeping on me...there is something about it. Maybe it is their soft breath...or the gently closed eyes, that real peaceful look. Ahhh, the memories!

Love, LOVE all the pics, thank you! and by the looks of Connor's side of the chart he will be passing Chloe soon!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Haven't had time to check the blog in a how they have grown. They are both getting so big and they are so precious. It seems to fit you. We miss you guys.

Becca/ Charlie

Anonymous said...

That baby Connor handprint just warms my heart. What a precious pic! Thanks for sharing your life with us!
in Arkansas