Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm home.

I was discharged today, with changes to my blood pressure's decided to remain high at times, so I'm still being evaluated for pre-eclampsia. Little did I know that it can occur anytime up to six weeks post-partum. I'm feeling ok. The nurses tell me I look great, even while I was on the magnesium sulfate drip post delivery. Not sure if they are being nice, or if I really do look good! Oh well, taking it one day at a time. My c-section incision, along with Chad, let me know when to slow down.

The babies are doing great! I'll share a picture of each now, but will share more later.



I will share more photos later. I'm having camera and memory card issues.....luckily I at least downloaded pictures from their first few days.....nothing like making a new mommy even more emotional.

I won't be answering individual e-mails for awhile. This will be the best, and maybe only, place I'll be placing updates for awhile. Thank you for all the well wishes and thoughts. Chad, Chloe, Connor and I appreciate each and every one of them.



taralyn said...

Congratulations again. They are both beautiful! Can't wait to see more pictures. Take care of yourself while you're waiting for the little peanuts to grow.


Michellel said...

They are beautiful, Jennie! Congrats and take it easy! Keep us updated!

Chell :)

Marne said...

They are precious! What beautiful babies!! Congratulations! Take it easy!

Kristie said...

They are beautiful Jennie! Congrats again!

Sharon said...

They are beautiful babies, Jennie. Congratulations to you and Chad!

Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

Congrats Jennie and Chad! Chloe and Connor are beautiful...can't wait to see more pictures!

Diana said...

Aww, they are so precious! I am happy for you! Will be looking forward to hearing more!

Brook said...

I'm so happy for your new little family!

Kath W said...

Oh, Jennie, they are beautiful! Simply beautiful!

Hope your bp comes down & you're able to get some rest in...somewhere!

Sara said...

So wonderful! What blessed gifts you've been given. They're so purdy and pink! I envy the cuddles and double neck-sniffing you get to do!

Take every bit of help that's offered - and ask for MORE! Take care of you too!

christina said...

They are so precious!!!

Congrats again!!!

Anonymous said...

Jennie, they are beautiful! So glad you're able to be home now. Let me know whenever you need to vent. We came home Friday with Zoe and David and I can't believe how much different life is!
Sarah Hansel

Julie said...

They are just beautiful! Take care of yourself, my dear. Your ride is just beginning. Congratulations and I cannot wait to see more pics and hear more about them, although I will totally understand if we don't hear much from you. Those first few months are exhausting.

Parents of Twins group

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself, they are beautiful, cannot wait to see them in person. I am putting something in mail tomorrow for all. Love to you all...Kelly

Sharie said...

So glad to see your adorable babies! They are simply precious!

I hope you're keeping your feet up, and the blood pressure down.

Take care,

SherHart4 said...

Beautiful babies! Take care of yourself and sleep when they sleep! That's what worked for me! I have three older kids when I had my twins a year and a half ago! Time flies, take lots of pictures and enjoy!


Ramie Ahlstrom said...

Congratulations Jennie & Chad. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing pics of them. I hope that they are doing well, and that you are too.

Anonymous said...

The babies are beautiful. So glad you are all home and doing well. Can't wait for more pics. Take care of yourself.

Becca C.

Dolores said...

congrats Jennie