Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm pooped.....

I knew I'd be tired, but it's catching up to me. Here's what our day looks like:
3am: pump breast milk for 2o minutes, wash up pump supplies.
5:45am: wake and shower.
6:30am: on road heading to the hospital.
7am: I breast feed both Connor and Chloe for ten minutes each, one at a time. After the ten minutes, either Chad or I will feed the babies a bottle of the pumped breast milk. After they are back and settled into their isolettes, I pump for 20 minutes. Chad heads to work after the babies are settled.
8:30am or so...I order breakfast. It's provided free to breastfeeding mothers of NICU babies. Nice perk!
10am: Another feeding. I pump for 20 minutes.
1pm: Another feeding. Another pump session of 20 minutes.
2:30pm or so...I order lunch, again provided by the hospital at no extra charge.
4 pm: Each baby breastfeeds for 10 minutes, followed by a bottle feeding. I pump for 20 minutes after they are settled.
6:45: Chad arrived at hospital from work. We head to the NICU to help with the 7pm feeding. Today I pumped for 20 minutes while Chad attended to the babies.
Around 8pm, we head home and either enjoy a meal out or a meal at home. Our times to have date nights with just the two of us are limited, but we are perfectly OK with it!
11pm: Pump for 20 minutes. Hopefully I've had a chance to sleep before this pump session.
Start over at 3am....

I'm going to start laying down and taking short naps in between feedings. My cankles have returned and I don't want the swelling to get any worse. I started to wear support hose once I return home and will wear until the morning. Hopefully that will help decrease the swelling.

The babies moved from the section of the NICU into Module 3. This is the feeder/grower area where their only need is to gain weight! It is such a nice feeling to see them progress to the final destination of the NICU.

We are going pick up a new digital camera tomorrow. Luckily I have a disposable camera with each baby, so we are getting some pictures! But, I need new ones of their tiny hands and feet, fuzzy hair and adorable faces! Of course I'm not partial at all!

Thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes. I apologize I'm not able to recognize each and everyone, but know that we all appreciate it!

later, Jennie


Anonymous said...

Ouch, what a schedule, I won't expect anything personal from you for a while. I think you have all you can tolerate on your plate at this time but know that all you are doing is a total labor of love. It is so good to hear they have advanced to Module 3, very good news. Now with all those pumpings and feedings they just have to be gaining weight.
Love you, Mom

Michellel said...

Just try to get as much rest as you can, Jennie. You're a mom, but your body just went through quite the ordeal, too, so take care of yourself.

The stockings will help. I retain a lot of water in my ankles (I blame it on my grandmother and mother) and I just started wearing them. I actually have ankles in the evening! Mine have the toes and heels cut out and they are so comfortable. Warning, though, you will pee like crazy! LOL

Chell :)

Barb Dietrich said...

Hey, Jennie. Good to see your note. Sounds like everything is going great and those babies will be home in no time. Can't wait to see the pics of those cutie pies. I'm sure the are absolutely beautiful. I'll watch your site for more notes and don't expect any personal reply...you've got way bigger fish to fry! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

I did the NICU thing with my twins. At home I also had a 10month old and a 3 year old. Consider skipping the 3am feeding until babies come home. That way you have a few more nights of rest. I found that as soon as babies came home my body quickly adjusted to the extra feeding.
Otherwise. Congrats and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is doing well and you two are doing a wonderful job. It won't be long until life will be normal. Hang in there, love to you all Kelly

Anonymous said...

Busy schedule! Hang in there...things will slow down a bit once the babies come home. They are both beautiful, Jennie!! Almost makes me want to have another set...almost. :o)
Don't worry about keeping up with e-mail or the twins group. We all understand how crazy it is. I'll keep up with you on your blog. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Praying that Chloe and Connor gain the weight they need quickly and get to go home with you soon. :O))

Laura'sCorner said...

Wow Jennie...I guess I need to map out when a good time is to call you. I am thrilled the babies have moved to Module 3! Yeah! The girls have agreed they would not want to drive down if they couldn't see the babies...we are looking forward to seeing them! Remember to rest as often as you can!

Kristie said...

So happy to hear that the babies are progressing so quickly! I hope they gain the needed weight soon so they can go home. Take care of you too!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jennie and Chad! Those babies are gorgeous!! Sounds like they are healthy and gaining steadily!! Can't wait to hear about them being at home! Keep up the great work! Emily (parentsoftwins) (mom to g/g twins 2.5 years old, boy due Sept)

Ramie Ahlstrom said...

YEAH for them moving into the growth area! So glad to hear that they are doing well. I hope that you get some rest and your swelling goes down. HUGS

Kath W said...

That's awesome they're doing so well! Hope your bp goes down & the swelling, too.