Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Out, out, damn stone!

OH, what stone, you ask????? The KIDNEY STONE I'm trying to pass. I'm to the point of being miserable.....but, I'm grateful it isn't pre-term labor. OK, let me start back to the weekend....

Saturday I had a backache across my low back. Didn't think much of it and attributed it to being on my feet too much during the day.

Early Sunday morning, I woke shortly after 7am to worse back pain, cramps (not quite contractions, like I'd know) and other feelings of not being right. I called the OB answering service. A few minutes later (impressive) the OB on call returned my call. She asked me to head down to OB triage to get checked out. Before I called the doctor, I woke Chad and told him what was going on. He jumps in the shower and is ready to go as I finish packing a "just in case I'm admitted" bag. Once we arrive to triage, I'm hooked up to the monitors to watch both babies heart beats and the toco monitor to monitor contractions. Both heartbeats look great, they are responding appropriately and no contractions are noted on the monitor (even though it feels like I'm being ripped in two). The urine sample I provided had blood in it, so we needed to ensure it wasn't from cervical changes. Luckily there was not blood to be found due to cervical changes, my cervix was estimated at 3cm or so and closed, but soft. Well, that's good news. They took a swab to check for fetal fibronectin. Luckily, an hour later, the fetal fibronectin is negative, and it's 99.5% accurate....meaning I'm not likely to go into labor in the next two weeks. What a relief, as both Chad and I were worried this was it......even though we didn't mention it to each other, we both had a feeling. So, I'm sitting up in the bed, dealing with some pretty intense pain, that is not a contraction. I've had this feeling was just over 5 years ago on our way back from an all inclusive vacation to a Sandals resort in Jamaica. At that time, it was a kidney stone.......

Yep, I'm working on passing a kidney stone. I haven't birthed it yet, but gosh darn it, I darn well better soon! Luckily, I'm able to take Darvocet to numb the pain, though I'm only taking it when the pain is unbearable. I'm sick of drinking tons of water, so have been drinking weakly flavored Crystal Light all day. It's a nice break from plain water.

Will update soon...I hope. Any thoughts on a name for this darn stone? I named the first one Bitch.........

Oh, OB appointment on Friday with an ultrasound. Chad is joining me to see how the babies are growing! They are kicking the crap out of me, too. And my belly is getting bigger day by day. They better be fattening up like they are supposed to!

later, crabby and miserable Jennie

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