Sunday, July 15, 2007

30 week baby belly.

I can't believe it's 30 weeks! This picture was taking on Friday, July 13th before heading out for my OB appointment and ultrasound.

Hopefully the babies have fattened up some......
Since I haven't passed the darn stone yet, and have taken Darvocet this morning with little, if any, relief, Chad is picking me up shortly.

Believe me, I tried to look "happy" but the stone pain was really getting to me....and I slept a total of maybe 30 minutes at a time, as I was up so often to try to void...not fun at all!

I'll report back with an update.

later, Jennie


Diana said...

Love the pictures - but you poor thing with that darn stone!

Brook said...

Sam says, "Man, oh, man! How can that lady move!" I said she isn't moving right now she is on bedrest. Then he said, "I think those babies are gonna need to come out soon or she's gonna blow!" I laughed and showed him some picts of me. We had a nice little discussion. Thanks for the conversation starter! I think you look mahvelous!