Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Long time no post.......

Sorry it's been so long since I've last posted. Things have been moving right alone. Somehow, I've slipped past 24 weeks of pregnancy!

My sister, Laura, and her family are visiting us. They arrived on Sunday and will stay until Wednesday morning. It's been great to see them. It's amazing how much her girls have grown. Right now, they are downtown at the local zoo. Hopefully they are able to enjoy the animals, even though it's been raining. I loaded them up with umbrellas and rain jackets.

My seasonal allergies have kicked in. I think being pregnant has made it worse than normal. Each time we move, I dread the time when my body realizes new substances to react to. I know most of my allergies are trees......Luckily I can take Claritin and Benadryl. I need to hold off on Sudafed, as my blood pressure is creeping up......hopefully my body will adjust to the extra allergens soon and I can stop breathing through my mouth. Not sure it's possibly, but I'm snoring even LOUDER at night. My poor husband. I've been sleeping on my left side more, which is of course facing him.....he's such a lucky guy!

I had my 24 week doctor appointment and ultrasound yesterday. The ultrasound technician was wonderful and even verified the sex of both babies, with pictures! So I have Baby Boy's first penis picture! Poor guy. Unfortunately, Baby Girl is behind in her growth. She weight 500 or so grams, while Baby Boy weight 71o grams. She's at 25% for gestational age, he's at 50% for gestational age. My doctor is not terribly concerned at this point. In asking what I could do to help, she told me to keep laying on my left side and drinking water, water, and more water. I can definitely do that. I'm due for my next ultrasound to check growth at 28 weeks. Luckily, my cervix is still a good length at 3.4cm. Baby Boy is head down, Baby Girl is breech. The technician could not tell if Boy or Girl was presenting....we shall see! I need to take 24 week pictures soon....before it gets to 25 weeks......It's been on my list to do this week.

I'm now a mini-van driving momma......we've finally come to the realization that it's going to be the easiest to use with the babies. Chad and I headed up to Carmax last Wednesday after finding a van that looked great on paper. It was super clean, drove great, and for the most part, had the options we were looking for. We ended up driving it away after two hours at the dealer. the best part? They took my car in as trade and offered us more than we would have ever gotten had we sold it ourselves. I'm now the driver of a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country.

Chad painted the nursery on Saturday. It's a great sage green color. Once I add the chocolate brown accents, I think it's going to look amazing! I need to sew curtains, cover the lamp shade and add things to the wall, along with getting clothes washed and organized.....the babies will be here before we know it!

OK, I need to shower and run a few quick errands. We are grilling out steaks tonight and I want to pick up a Dairy Queen cake to celebrate "Happy Everything". I miss out on birthdays, promotions, etc....so thought it would be fun to have a group celebration tonight. What better way to do it than with a Dairy Queen cake?

I'll share pictures soon.....
Later, Jennie


Cricket said...

I can't believe how time is flying! Enjoy your Dairy Queen cake, sounds way yummy!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, I keep checking and nothing, it has been a while since you clued us in on how you are doing. Have you tried the nose strips that go across the bridge on your nose to help stop snoring? Glad you are having a good time with the Ripples.
Love Mom

Kath W said...

24 weeks---awesome! Hope you're finding some relief from allergies. Sending grow, baby grow prayers.

Brook said...

I know it sounds funny, but laying on the left side really does work. I know that that is what got Sam to 27 weeks.

Diana said...

Good luck with the allergies! For me facing left will also be right at my DH - unfortunately HE's the snorer, so we'll see how that goes!