Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bad blogger.

I know....I'm sitting in the corner with my nose to the wall. I honestly did not realize it had been this long since I've updated my adoring blog fans. Well, here goes.....

I passed by glucose tolerance test on Monday! I'm quite surprise and almost expected to fail, but somehow, my glucose levels stayed within limits. So glad I do not have to drink the sickeningly sweet lemon-lime glucola again.

I do need to REGULARLY take my iron supplements. My hemoglobin is still low. It's actually higher than it was prior to becoming pregnant, but do not want it to drop any lower. So, I will be taking it three times a week to beef up my blood supply. Actually, considering that my blood volume has tripled with the twins, it's pretty impressive to increase 0.4 grams/dL! We have to look on the bright side, don't we?

The babies are moving a TON! It feels like they are having their very own ultimate cage fight. Baby boy is along my left side, last position per ultrasound was head down. Baby girl is along my right side, last position butt down. Not sure if anyone has flipped, but with all the movement it's certainly possible! A few nights ago. I felt one limp punching my left lower side and a different limb punching my right upper side! Chad has even been able to feel some movement, too. Most of the baby movement is felt right on my bladder (tap, tap, tap....or is it bounce, bounce, bounce?) or my upper mid-belly. It's hard to tell who is moving more....just feels like they are both moving some times!

My blood pressure is creeping up. At my doctor appointment on Monday, it started out at 138/88 with a recheck of 132/78. At home it's been running in the 130/70's....but has been creeping up. Hopefully this won't lead to pre-eclampsia, but I do know it's a possibility. Luckily, my urine was clear, so nothing is spilling into that.

The nursery is slowly coming together. We have one crib and need to get one more. The changing table is put together, waiting to be paint (either white or chocolate brown). I've been loading up on diapers. I received a great coupon for Luvs, buy one mega pack, get one free, plus a three dollar coupon in addition to the free coupon....I purchased quite a few packs for either $4.50 or $3.50 each. Can't beat that deal! I do need to get more before the coupons expire.....

Chad and I are heading out on our last big weekend drive trip. We are going to a graduation party for his niece. Actually two of his nieces and one nephew all graduated from high school this year, but this is the only weekend we were able to travel. It will be nice to get out and see his family again before the babies arrive! We are looking forward to relaxing and chilling out, too.

My laptop is in for repairs, but will try to update with pictures next week. I PROMISE! I'll take a belly shot today (27 weeks). I can't believe the pregnancy is on the downswing.......seems like we just had the first ultrasound at 8 weeks a few days ago!

Later, Jennie

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Anonymous said...

Glad for the update, been watching the blog and you have been quiet lately, haven't been busy have you? I'm glad you glucose tolerance test went well. That is something that was not done when I was pregnant with you,,, the advances since then. I'll just bet it's fun when the babies move around, double the pokes and prods but it much be neat to have all that going on.
love Mom