Wednesday, May 23, 2007

LIfe update.

Things are going well here....other than having a blood pressure scare yesterday. I've been checking my blood pressure at home. It's been better than ever. Work on Monday and Tuesday was NO FUN. Finally, after both my lunch breaks were given, I sat down at my friend, Liana's, demands to have my blood pressure good. It was 160/71. Higher than it's ever been. So, I call my doctor's office and wait to hear the plan. They tell me to go home, lay on my left side and drink lots of water. Along with the increased blood pressure, my fingers and toes are sausages. Luckily I still have my ankles.....
Anyway, I'm a little emotional...not sure why, other than to blame pregnancy hormones. I head home to set up camp in bed. Unfortunately, Chad is planning to fly out of state for work. I call him to let him know what's up. Of course he doesn't want to leave. I tell him I'm being proactive rather than reactive and the office could have easily told me to head upstairs to OB triage. Luckily they didn't.
I check my blood pressure once I get home and upstairs. Amazingly, it's 115/65. I spend the rest of the night in bed, laying on my left side as much as possible.
This morning, I had a doctor's appointment at 9:30am. My blood pressure is 132/82, weight is up 13 pounds from prepregnancy weight. She's not too concerned. I ask about work, and she wonders if I can hold out until I'm 24 weeks. There is no possibly way I can do that. I've been struggling through the shorter shift as it is.....luckily she agrees to take me off work. I need to speak up for the babies! I need them to cook as long as possible. So, I'm off work, waiting for the paperwork to get FMLA and short term disability rolling. I called my boss and explained things to her.
Why is it so hard as a nurse to advocate for your self yet it comes as second nature to advocate for your patient? I've never understood that about nurses, and I definately fit into the category. Since I have two little ones to watch out for, it made it easier to speak up. Otherwise I think I would have continued to suffer through work and pay the price once I got home each night.
My laptop is acting up, or I'd share some pictures. I think it's been overheating. I ordered a cooling tray, so hope that helps matters.

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Anonymous said...

Jennie, take of yourself, I for one am glad you won't be on your feet so much for the rest of your pregnancy. That's right, you have to watch out for your little ones, if you don't who will? Take car of yourself and slowly get the things done that you are able to do. Love you, Mom