Monday, May 7, 2007

20 week update.

I had a doctor appointment today with my regular OB. She said things look great and I see her again in 4 weeks. Let's just hope the babies behave! Both heart beats sounded great, one a bit faster than the other. The baby with the faster heart rate was moving around a bit, too! Do you think the decaf venti iced white chocolate mocha had anything to do with it???? Luckily I'm not feeling any affects of the minute amount of caffeine in the decaf espresso.
I took a few belly shots. I think I'm finally showing some baby belly. My fundus is RIGHT below the bottom of my xyphoid process (the pointy part at the bottom of the sternum). I guess that's why I'm not all that hungry and I'm more burpy than normal. I'm measuring 24 weeks right will be intersting to see how far ahead of normal I measure as the pregnancy progressed. At my last appointment, my fundus was right at my umbilicus, so it's grown a ton already!
My mom asked how big the babies were and I read last night where they should be. They should weigh about a pound and the size of a Barbie doll. The whole reference to a Barbie doll kind of confused me.......Maybe a pudgy parbie doll, huh? :-)

I discussed work options with the doctor. Luckily, I am not unstable and can still work. We are going to look into cutting back hours and possibly getting a different position (either for 40 hours a week or part time in the OR and part time at a different position). I'm going to talke to my supervisor tomorrow to see if I would still qualify as a full time employee if I work six hour days. I'm sure that would make a huge difference in how I feel. Need to increase the days I'm taking iron, also......just don't enjoy the side effects! But, since my hemoglobin is normally low normal, I need to try to get ahead of the game a bit.

Friday Chad and I head to the high risk OB for the level 2 ultrasound. Should be an interesting appointment. I'll update again after the appointment!

Later, Jennie


Brook said...

I'm definitely seeing some babies there!

Laura'sCorner said...

Jennie I cannot wait to see you in a few weeks! I am sure the girls will be in awe of your belly also!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

You definitely look pregnant,,, maybe even more than 20 weeks. I am amazed that the fundus is to the xyphoid process already, can we see discomfort in the future??? I'm kind of surprised that you won't see the doctor again for 4 weeks. I like your top too. Love you, Mom

kath said...

Look at you! (love that top, too!)

Sharie said...

You're lookin' good, Jennie! That's definitely a baby tummy. I remember being so excited the first time someone asked me, "when are you due"? I knew then that I looked pregnant, not just pudgy!