Friday, April 13, 2007

Multiples sale find......

Missy and I headed out to the multiples sale last night. I had no expectations, but was sort of dissapointed at the amount of baby clothes. I guess if I knew the sex of the babies, it would have been different. I managed to leave spending only $8. I found a changing table pad, infant bath tub, sign language book, and some changing table pads. Nothing major, but still things we will need.
I hope to make it to Target today or tomorrow to register for a few things. Not sure which day would be better.......but want to get a few things listed and get started.
It's supposed to snow today...ick! Hope spring arrives soon.


Anonymous said...

I can imagine it wasn't as much fun as if you knew what the sexes were. How often do they have these sales? Are they in peoples homes or in a central area? Thank goodness the weather is noce today, it's 60 outside now.
Love Mom

Brook said...

Wow! What could be more fu than shopping for one baby? I guess it would be shopping for two. I was lucky since I am a shorty, I used the dresser and put the changing pad on top of it. The boys played with their reflections while I changed them. It was great. That might not work for you amazons though. LOL!

Anonymous said...

All good finds! And sounds like great prices! I know the tubs are about $15 brand new, and the changing table pads are $5-8 for 1-2! Good scores!!!

hope you are feeling good this weekend and doing well!