Saturday, August 1, 2009

July in review.

1st. We are learning how to dress and undress. Connor does a great job getting his clothes off. Chloe needs a bit more direction!
We bought a Brio train table off Craigslist today. Mommy found a great deal on it. We love playing with the pieces on the floor. Connor even took a few train pieces to bed with him.
Mommy had to cancel playgroup, as a mild stomach flu was making an appearance. We didn't want to share our germs.

2nd. Connor is taking the undressing to a new level. He now takes off his pants/diaper during nap time (last two days) and other times I'm not watching....darn him. Miss Chloe thankfully has not started that, but she does stick her hands down the back of her diaper....
Ok, have to go. Connor is doing chin-ups on the treadmill bars.......
Connor goes pee while sitting on potty!

3rd. We head up to my sister's farm for the weekend. Hit heavy traffic thirty minutes into the Kids check out animals and visit with family.

4th. Second annual 4th of July parade for C&C. Chloe's throws first piece of parade candy back into street. Connor sits on my lap most of the parade.

5th. Head home. Hit traffic again.

6th. Chloe is up at 6am, Connor sleeps until 8am. I nap while snuggling with Chloe.....though she does go sit at the table, opens up my makeup bag, sets out the makeup on a wash cloth (just like I do) and puts on make up. No damage, except for a few scratches in the blush. Goofy girl. Connor takes shorts off before eating supper and puts them back on when done eating. Goofy boy.

7th. Yeah. I make it to the gym with C&C. I drop them off at childwatch. Chloe is the one crying, Connor gets right to playing. Luckily my MOMs club friend, Michelle, is working there today. I hit the treadmill and do the weights. Next stop is Sam's Club. It's always a riot when your kids are doing their best goat call for all shoppers to hear. mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaa, MmmmmmmmmmmAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, time, fun times. It doesn't help that they are tired and almost immediately fall asleep once we get into the van and head for home.

8th. I have plans. BIG plans. Y for a Zumba workout, Woodmans for groceries, post office.....the short people have other plans. Chloe refused to get dressed and wants to stay in her jammies. Connor refuses to stay dressed and repeatedly takes his diaper we stay home. I escape for mommy time once Chad arrives home from work. The door did not hit me in the a$$ on the way out, either :-)

9th. C&C head to day care a few houses down. I head out for a haircut, MOMs club meeting and shopping time. My hair is VERY short....hasn't been this short in a very long's an adjustment. I'm working to finish up birthday invites and a wedding gift of family recipes in a scrapbook. Of course, the wedding is this weekend. Nothing like last minute rush! I'm almost done, so all is well!

10th. The van is packed. We are heading away for the weekend. C&C do not sleep in the car, makes for a long trip. Chad is dropped off at his brother's house so they can head to play golf. The short people and I head out, I'm hoping they nap...I can dream, right? They actually both take a short nap. It's a long night and Chad and I try not to fight. Why do I get so stressed when C&C are cranky? I hate it. Chad enjoys time with his family at the hotel bar while I stay in the hotel room with cranky butts.

11th. More golf for Chad. Connor and Chloe and I head out to buy some supplies to finish the wedding gift..nothing like last minute! We head back to the hotel and attempt naps...unfortunately, Connor has different plans. Plans that involve brown stuff. It's not pretty. Naps are out the door. I'm cranky, need to shower and have two toddlers that need a nap. It's not looking good. We leave the wedding ceremony a few minutes into it. Fortunately the short people enjoy the music and lights. Chloe loves to polka!

12th. We dump, I mean leave the lovely children with Chad's parents. We head up to Door County for a night of adult interaction. Much better than our last night away without kids.....

13th. Back to pick up Chloe and Connor. They have been sans pacifiers for their nap and Chad and I decide to continue the trend. First night without pacifiers, we are at least at home. Connor cries longer than Chloe. Chloe is up once during the night. Both sleep until 7:30am.

14th. It's amazing how much more children talk when they don't have something blocking their mouth. Two and three word sentences are spoken by both Chloe and Connor. While there is still some screaming, they (and I) seem to be surviving sans pacifiers. No bedtime fight from Chloe, Connor fusses less than 30 minutes. They sleep through the night (HURRAY).

15th. HAPPY TWENTY-THREE MONTHS OLD! It's so hard to believe we have two almost two year olds. C&C head down to daycare, late, as neither wants to get dressed. Though it doesn't help that they both sleep until after 7:30am AGAIN. I head to Zumba then some leisurely shopping at Target. I buy an iced coffee instead of my high calorie Frappaccino. Slow but sure, hopefully things will start working for me!

16th. Chad and I have a date night I'm trying to make the house presentable! That is easier said than done some days. We are heading up to Madison for a collegiant league baseball game. C&C get to play with out great babysitter!

17th. C, C and I head out to a MOMs club playdate. It's unusually cold for July, so we are all wearing long pants and long sleeves.

18th. We head out to a BBQ at a MOMs club mom's house this afternoon. C&C run around and are ticked off when we decide to leave. Chloe put up a good fight as I was trying to get her into her car seat....After the BBQ, we stopped at the house of Chad's high school classmate. Their two girls did a great job of helping to tire C&C out even more!

19th. I got to sleep in until 8am. Thank you C&C! Honestly, they are sleeping better without pacifiers. We head out for the local town parade. We walk down, as it's not too far, thankfully. Our neighbors, Erin and Zach, join us. The freak factor was pretty low, surprisingly!

20th.....did we do anything today? I'm catching up and can't remember!

21st. Super, duper day! In the morning, the three of us head up to Madison for a triple double plus one playdate. Chloe and Connor, Nali and Bina and Noah (2 and almost 2) plus 4 month old Eden and Chloe and their respective mommas meet for a playdate. It's been a long time in the making! The weather was great and the rain held off until we left the park. That night, I have a Stampin' Up party, of course C&C want to join the fun and watch the crafting!

22nd. Connor dons a pair of Chloe's bloomers...he's a super hero for the day and wears them half the day!

23rd. Mommy heads to the dentist while the kids are at daycare. After that I head down to get new van tires and an oil change.

24th. We head to Minnesota to visit Perry, Jen and Kate. It's the first time the kids meet. The drive is painful, as the back seat drivers are a tad cranky.....

25th. The dads play golf while moms and kids stay home. Once the dads return home, moms escape for some retail therapy!

26th. Time to head home, with a break to visit my cousin on the way home.

27th. Monday, monday.....

28th. Playdate with Lori, Nali and Bina. Sadly, they are moving to Michigan, so won't see them for a bit. It's a day of play, ending with sadness and a little drama.....

29th. Morning errands which are shortened due to Toys R Us having a later than expected opening time. We hit Walmart and barely finish the shopping before someone needs to be carried during the tail end of shopping......

30th. Going to bed with wet hair makes for a very scary picture when you wake up, especially when it's short hair. Oh well, C&C were not afraid of me. Low key day, hanging at home with an afternoon walk.

31st. Another month gone. C&C head to daycare in the morning while I attempt to clean a bit before heading out for a Zumba class. Five hours at day care usually guarantees a LONG afternoon nap, love it!


Diane J. said...

I am loving the 8th. The comment about the door not hitting you in the rear on the way out...that's like me dropping the kids off at school =)

Sounds like a very productive month. I'm jealous about your day that was cool enough to wear long sleeves.

Love the update, glad the kids are doing well without the pacifiers. Congrats on doing something for you (Gym, Zumba, etc...).

Anonymous said...

nice to see the post, kinda cute to see a day by day post, you had an interesting month.. especially liked the goat section,, mmmmmmaaaaaa love mom

Christina said...

They're at such an exciting age! You'll look back on these days fondly. Believe me!