Wednesday, June 24, 2009

taking care of me.

As a mom to almost two year old twins, it's easy to forget about me and let things slide. But, as a birthday gift for my upcoming 35th year celebration, I decided a membership to the local YMCA would be a great gift. Of course, I signed up last Friday, went to a Zumba party, woke Sunday with laryngitis.....So, I was out of commission for a few days. I jumped into a Zumba class today and enjoyed it. My plan is to at least go three times a week to the Zumba class. I'd love to start going on other days to use the cardio equipment or weight machines. The great benefit is the childwatch program. I calculated the cost of the membership into cost of child care. If I go three times a week for four weeks of the month, cost per hour of daycare for both short people is about $3/hour. Not to bad, is it?

On another note, the weather has been icky, sticky and HOT lately. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

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Anonymous said...

the YMCA sounds like a good idea but what the heck is Zumba?? love mom