Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sometimes, you just don't know what you are walking into.......

Connor and Chloe were quietly playing in Connor's room. They were too quiet, so I knew I had to check on them.....the crib, which is usually against the wall to the far right, was moved as it is now.

Chloe looks quite proud of herself, no? Look how she's riding the horse. Oh, it's not a horse?

No, it's not. It's a Fisher-Price ball drop zoo toy thingy....but she's sure riding it like a horse.
And she looks mightly proud of herself.....what is she trying to grab? It must be something good, no?

She's almost there.....and, do you like Connor and his flesh colored pants? Little man did not want his pants on after a diaper change. Look at the second picture, top left, to see the object of their desire. We've been using this only for naps and nighttime......

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