Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New forms of childproofing.

Connor, showing the new "lock". He put the hat on all by himself...silly boy.

Connor and Chloe are now able to open the bi-fold doors throughout the house. Last week, they got into the furnace room in the basement and were messing with the window screens....So, I used some temporary measured to keep the doors closed that actually work pretty well. I do need to find some actually door latches, but this will do until they figure out how to open them up! And, Connor has figured out how to open the oven...so the chip clip works for now. Yes, we tried to set the oven lock, but the stinker knows how to close it. And, you can already see we've had to remove the oven knobs (that happened right after we moved). We have a gas stove, so we really don't need them messing around and fixing things, do we?

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