Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Connor and his new club.

His thumb before surgery. It's the best picture I could get without looking through saved images.

In recovery. I thoroughly enjoyed the snuggle time.

You can see his fingers and his thumb with the pin ball is behind that metal part.

Club hand, that is. Connor was scheduled for minor surgery to correct a trigger thumb. He's had a "fat thumb" since birth, and I never thought anything of it. Well, we asked at C&C's 15 month appt if it was normal, and his new pediatrician referred him to a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon. We expected a quick surgery to release the the tendon and allow full extension of his thumb. Unfortunately, once they looked around his thumb, the surgeon noted that it was not truly a trigger thumb. So, he cleaned the area up and mobilized the tendon as much as possible. To keep full extension of his thumb, he placed a pin in his thumb bones. To keep that area immobile, they placed a long arm cast. So, the little guy has a cast for the next month. He's adjusted well and other than when frustrated, does not use his new weapon. I did place an old sock on his cast to keep it clean and less scratchy. We haven't signed his cast yet, but should. Don't you think?

Ok. Need to make a winter/snow post now.

later, Jennie


Kat said...

Poor little guy. I hope his recovery goes smoothly.

Dianna said...

*hugs* to Connor. Hope he heals quickly.