Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sharing our latest talents.

Chloe has taken a liking for PBS TV shows.
Here she is laying on her belly, watching some crazy PBS show.

Connor, for the longest time, would not do "so big".
He did catch on to "touchdown" nicely, though.
Comes in handy during football games!
Chloe is showing her skill nicely, with Mr. Hops in her hand.

Sorry...this one is sideways.
But, Mr Connor gets up and down from the chair quite nicely, as you can see.

Connor usually covers up his eyes, or his mouth, or part of his face.
Chloe usually just covers up part of her face with the back of her hand.

Show me your belly?
Chloe usually takes both thumbs and points to her belly.
Connor will take one thumb.
He wasn't doing it for me today.

Sorry about the red eyes...I did not have a chance yet to fix that.

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