Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween snack mix.

It's addicting...but so yummy. I've made it with peanuts before, but switched it to pretzel Goldfish this time.

1 bag m&m's
1 bag candy corn, flavor of your choice
1 bag pretzel Goldfish

Pour all into a bowl. Mix and enjoy.

The ratio may need to be tweeked a bit. I like to eat with one piece of each in my mouth at a time and found this could probably be made with two bags of goldfish.

I'm making lasagna for supper. It smells yummy already and it's not even in the oven.

I have LOTS of pictures to share, hopefully tonight.


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Laura said...

Pictures? I am waiting...Hello? Upload them now! The cement guys came today so you do not need to threaten them with the stinky diapers. The footings are poured!