Thursday, August 14, 2008

random snapshots.

I'm working on making C&C's first birthday cakes......hopefully they will turn out half as good as I'm picturing them in my head! We are have a very low key birthday celebration. It will be C, C, Daddy and me enjoying homemade birthday cake and whole milk (ok, i'll pass on the milk!). Saturday Chad and I are heading out on a date while C&C spend the evening with Nancy and Amy! I haven't uploaded the latest batch of photos from my camera yet, but here are some from late July/early August.

Chilling with Daddy before bed.

I'm pretty sure he was going after Julio....

One of her many, wonderful facial expressions!

The cake pan used for birthday cakes!

It's amazing how siblings raised in the same environment can be so different!

I'll report back after the birthday celebration with pictures!

Later, Jennie

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the pics, Connor has the look of sneakiness going after Julio. And that is just another of Chloe's special looks. Love Mom