Wednesday, July 30, 2008

selective eating.

"dropped" peaches...not a big hit.

Notice how clean their trays are?????

A new meal time trend has started.......C&C have started to be selective with what they eat.

It started with Cheerios....they would pick out the "better" snacks in the mix and leave the Cheerios.

Then they would slowly drop Cheerios on the floor (nothing to see here, we're not doing anything mom.....). Like the evidence on the floor didn't give them away!

Now.....they are dropping everything on the floor when they are done.....could they not use the sign for "all done"?

Nope, they'd rather drop the food on the floor and let me clean it up before I release them from the high chair.

Why must I clean it up before I release them???

Because they like to crawl under the high chair to eat any remains that happened to drop.

Chloe's new word? oh-um when she "drops" something.....


Anonymous said...

That is just too funny, me thinks you used to do the same as did your sisters. I don't remember if you guys were selective but am sure the floor was used as a dumping zone. love Mom

Sharie said...

So cute, selective eating cracks me up. The sure have grown over the summer.

Sarah Hansel said...

Oh boy am I glad I'm not the only one. That drives me NUTS! David especially is just so very innocent about it... just this one little piece here, that I don't really want, so I'll just let it drop, one by one... argh!!!

Sarah H

Anonymous said...

Now if you could just get Julio to eat Cheerios, you'd be all set!!!


JenniBeanV said...

LOL! What you need is a dog! When my boys were babies, the dog saved me from having to clean up many a mess!

Gosh they are CUTE!

Helene said...

Oh I remember that stage so vividly (probably because it's still going on and my younger twins are 17 months old!!)

I have to say I'm comforted reading that your twins eat off the floor too while you're trying to clean up. It's like a mad race for them to eat as many scraps as they can before I sweep it all up!

Your twins are adorable!! BTW, I found your blog on MBC!