Sunday, May 25, 2008

9 month check in.

Ok, so I'm a little past nine months with my check in. Life with Chloe and Connor has gotten very busy! They are at such a fun age and each day they have me laughing at some thing or another.

We had their nine month check up a day after they turned nine months. Here are their stats:

4 lb at birth, 19 lb, 13 oz at 9 months.
27 inches long.

4 lb 11oz at birth, 19 lb, 10 oz at 9 months
29 inches long.

Connor has two bottom teeth and crunched his first cheerio earlier this week! He just started crawling forward this week, too. Chad got him crawling after Julio today on video and another video with him crawling after the stroller. He LOVES wheels. His favorite words are da-da (and his first works), sometimes it DA-DA, or just da, he also chatters MA, or ma-ma. These are his most spoken words. He's a great storyteller and often tells stories when we goes on drives during the day.

Chloe has not cut any teeth yet, but she hopefully will soon. She has no desire to crawl, but is a champion roller. She's quick, too! Her favorite word is da, but also likes to sing da da lalala da da. Her favorite activities include rolling, screaming, looking at herself in the mirror and sticking her tongue out (usually in the mirror). She likes to take things to her crib for day it was a purple ball, or a it was an orange bib. Her nap and bed buddy is a Fisher Price GloWorm. We lay her down in her crib, give her a pacifier, her bunny, she licks her GloWorm and is happy. Goofy!

Eating is going well. We are moving onto stage 3 foods, along with cheerios, freeze dried fruit and yogurt bits. We'll start soft noodles and overcooked peas and carrots soon. Chloe prefers finger foods, while Connor prefers being spoon fed. Neither have met a food they do not like, so feedings have been easy for most part.

They LOVE each other and enjoy playing (usually). Sometimes when sleep is needed or hunger is knocking, having a twin annoying you is not all that good......

They both love stroller rides and if they are fussy, it's a sure way to calm them down. Thankfully the weather is warming up!

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TracyP said...

Jennie, your babies are just adorable!!! You sure have your hands full!!! Understandable why you haven't had time for your crafting so much!!!
Keep up the great work!

Tracy Fiskateer #4168