Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seven months old-Connor and Chloe

It's so hard to believe my babies are over seven months old. Where did the time go? I need to post a long summary of what C&C are doing to entertain themselves, each other and us....but will have to do it later. Here are some recent pictures of them, though.

Yes, he really is that bendy. And I know he's wearing pink pants.......that's what happens when he poops up what he was wearing!

After a quick walk Sunday night.

Chloe, wearing the gown my mom made for baptism. My three sisters, three nieces, and I all wore this for our baptism. Now, Chloe will be able to wear it. My mom made an ivory dress to go under it, since this is a bit short. This gown is almost 40 years old!

He stopped jumping long enough (barely) for me to get a picture. I'm probably trying to hold the bouncer to keep him somewhat still!

They are running out of room to play under the music gym together. They love this so much! Luckily it will grow with them when they are able to sit up and play it.


Sara said...

I was saying to myself, "wait a minute...which is which? That looks like Connor...but those are PINK pants!???"
ROTFLOL at the caption... Maybe he won't poop his pants again, now that he knows you're serious about it!

Laura'sCorner said...

Loved the update Jennie! We cannot wait to see them in April.